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CTO vs VP Engineering

OJJ 2021. 2. 2. 19:20

CTO 와 VP (of) Engineering 의 차이점은 ?


A VP Engineering is ideally a great manager and a great team builder. He or she will be an excellent recruiter, a great communicator, and a great issue resolver. The VP Eng's job is to make everyone in the engineering organization successful and he or she needs to fix the issues that are getting in the way of success.

A CTO is ideally the strongest technologist in the organization. He or she will be an architect, a thinker, a researcher, a tester and a tinkerer. The CTO is often the technical co-founder if there is one (and you know I think there must be one).


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유명한 벤처캐피탈리스트가 위와 같이 정리를 했다고 하는데 현실에서는 (한국에서는?) 명확하게 구분하기 어려울 것 같다.


아래와 같은 그림도 있는데

이 그림도 현실과는 좀 다른것 같다.

CEO - CTO - 개발조직들.. 이런게 일반적인 구조 아닐런지 ?



이렇게 운영하는 회사는 얼마나 될까 ?



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